Sunday, December 29, 2013

Studies do now show any short term complications faced by adolescents who need bariatric surgery

The Teen-LABS study was one of the biggest studies conducted by NIH at five sites in United States. 242 obese adolescents were studied through 2007-2012. These adolescents had an average age of 17 years. Their average BMI was 50.5. Complications were studied within 30 days of the participants undergoing bariatric surgery. They were also carefully screened before the study. These participants had low health life, significant organ damage and never underwent any cosmetic procedures. Results showed that 77% did not experience any complications. 66% had to undergo laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. 28% underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Another 6%had to undertake adjustable gastric banding. However there were no reported deaths amongst participants. The long term effects are still being studied by Teen-LABS. The short term complications have not been drastic. But the researchers are now waiting with crossed fingers to understand any long term implications that might come through this study.

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