Friday, January 3, 2014

Common Breast Cancer Drug Is Capable Of Protecting All Cells from Negative Effects of UV Radiation

A steroid based drug called Exemestane, normally prescribed for cancers that thrive on oestrogen has been found to not only inhibit the hormone but also protect all cells from the harmful effects of UV radiation and inflammation. Exemestane was also found to protect retinal cells by reducing the amount of reactive oxygen species in it and heart cells in a similar manner, from damage. DNA in cells is constantly under attack from various sectors like the harmful rays of the sun and oxygen containing chemical by products of cellular functioning. This wear and tear of cells is negated by the administration of a combination of exemestane and another chemical called sulforaphane that is found in broccoli and other vegetables. Together they boost the cell’s phase 2 response and actually a smaller dose is more potent than the required amount of each drug individually.

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