Friday, January 3, 2014

High Blood Pressure Medication Can Be Lethal For People Suffering From Oral Allergies

ACE inhibitors found in medicines prescribed for hypertension and congestive heart disease can cause anaphylaxsis in individuals suffering from oral allergies causing severe swelling of face and acute breathing difficulties. While oral allergy symptoms are mild itching or maybe facial swelling, the ACE inhibitor aggravates the allergic symptoms to such an extent that it can become life threatening. Oral allergy syndrome is often mistaken for food allergies. But it is usually not food allergy and the sufferer may be able to eat the same food if it is cooked, for instance he can comfortably have an apple pie but not a raw apple. When these patients shift from ACE inhibitors to ARB therapy, their food allergy symptoms disappeared. Some of the common allergens are Birch Pollen: apple, plum, hazelnut, cherry, almond, carrot, kiwi, pear, peach Grass Pollen: celery, oranges, tomato, melons, Ragweed Pollen: zucchini, cucumber, banana, sunflower seeds

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