Friday, January 3, 2014

Meticulous People Provide Good Customer Service

According to a new research published in Journal of Applied Social Psychology and conducted at Rice University, suggests that the individuals who are found to be highly conscientious are more dedicated to providing good customer services. They are known to have high scales of interpersonal interactions this in turn positively impact customer service. Through this research it is sought that the conscientious people provide better customer services.This research was conducted in two different parts. First part consists of 99 participants. These were the undergraduates enrolled in a psychology course at a small, private Southwestern university. The second part included a group of 80 participants. They are employees at a community service volunteer agency. Through rigorous test the scientist reached to the above result. The lead author, Stephan Motowidlo, the Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Psychology explains, “Performance in a professional service capacity is not just knowing about what the product is and how it works, but how to sell and talk about it.”

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