Friday, January 3, 2014

Single-dose radiotherapy during surgery can prevent breast cancer return

According to new European study, it suggests that a single dose of special radiotherapy conducted during or immediately after the surgery could be really beneficial for women. This could control breast cancer from returning back. If this turns out to be successful then it could be much better than the current treatment where women need to go radiotherapy sessions for weeks. This new study got published in the Lancet and the Lancet Oncology. The scientists are well aware about the problems patients are facing due to the current treatment. This new studies looked at this matter from two different methods of delivering targeted radiation. Through this the looked into the effectiveness of targeted intra-operative radiotherapy (TARGIT) through which radiation is delivered to the tumour site via a miniature X-ray emitting device. This therapy is much more effective.Kate Law, the director of clinical research at Cancer Research UK explains, “Delivering radiotherapy in a single dose at the time of surgery potentially offers a huge benefit to patients, especially if it means fewer visits to hospital.”

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