Friday, January 24, 2014

Studies reveal a new alternative treatment for cancer possibility

Wells of NYU London and Malluci, King’s College London, in Drug Discovery Today talk about the current therapeutic strategy to fight cancer cells, the limitations they pose and also a new breakthrough way-forward. Most cancer treatments nowadays use the mutation of Kras gene. But there is no effective treatment developed to take this treatment forward. The study on animal models shows the beta-GBP, a physiological protein to be effective against human Kras-driven tumours. The results show that the beta-GBP kills the mutant Kras and other cancerous cells. They are able to do this by activation of alternative routes to destroying cancer cells while keeping the normal cells unharmed and unaffected. Beta-GBP is produced naturally in the body. This removes the complexities of combinational therapy and drug resistance problems. If this beta-GBP can be taken to the clinic and its physiological nature facilitated by the researchers it can bring forth a hope in the treatment of cancers which are resistant to all types of drugs.

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