Sunday, February 9, 2014

Age of Treating Physician Could be Problem for Patient

Recent study conducted on the topic reveals that advance age of treating physician could pose problems for the patient. According to Professor Liarm Donaldson, physicians in advance age and still working in the area of gynaecology as well as obstetrics could be premier candidates for reference to the NCAS for assessment. In an interview session with The Independent Donaldson pointed out that poor practice is one of the major risks for patients undergoing treatment. Conducting training and rehabilitation sessions for them could be an acceptable solution. This will effectively rejuvenate the underperforming physicians in any field of healthcare industry. No less than 6,179 physicians from various streams were referred to NACS during the eleven years that started with April 2001 and ended in March 2012. However, referrals at present are on the lower side Liam says. Also such referrals were much lower in comparison to ageing doctors. Similarly, number of male doctors referred to NACS were almost double the number of female doctors.

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