Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brain Health Benefits of Exercise Derived Molecules

Scientists have discovered that molecule that is the result of intensive workouts has beneficial effects on brain. The molecules are basically formed of proteins that expand due to performance of endurance exercises. Experimenting on mice, researchers from Harvard Medical School arrived at the conclusion that the protein form has extensive benefits for brain and memory as well as learning process. Researchers also hope that in stabilized form the protein could provide solutions for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson that were hitherto a couple of almost untreatable syndromes. “What is exciting is that a natural substance can be given in the bloodstream that can mimic some of the effects of endurance exercise on the brain," said Bruce Spiegelman, the co-senior author of research. Scientists have named the newly discovered protein as FNDC5. When it mixes with the blood stream it takes the form of irisin and helps increase the metabolic regularity molecule in human anatomy and in the process will help improve brain health.

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