Sunday, February 9, 2014

DNA Has Close Relation With Marital Satisfaction

An interesting fact that has been found out by scientists now is that DNA has close relationship with marital satisfaction. Till now tendencies of some people to be happy or sad with their marital relationships apparently without any reason was an enigma for many. But it seems that scientists have been achieved to get the break through linking the psychological process to the DNA. Researchers working on the topic found that a gene that regulates serotonin can near accurately guess the emotional upheavals experienced by many people in marital relationships. Studies of the researchers reveal that it is relationship that links marital satisfaction with emotions as well as gene. “An enduring mystery is, what makes one spouse so attuned to the emotional climate in a marriage, and another so oblivious?" wrote Robert W. Levenson, Psychologist from U.C Bakery in a journal article. The gene variant that is known in the scientists’ circles as 5-HTTLPR and is identified as the reason for variations of emotions in human being.

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