Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eating More Could be a Better Therapy to Lose Weight

A common belief is that eating more will lead to overweight and obesity in human beings. However, a current research on worms by scientists at TSRI has indicated that the finding could be wrong. In their search they discovered that the brains of worms activate weight loss circuit which has no relation with food consumption. That means irrespective of the food intake, human beings can still lose weight. "Boosting serotonin signaling has been seen as a viable strategy for weight loss in people, but our results hint that boosting serotonin plus adrenaline should produce more potent effects—and there is already some evidence that that's the case," said principal investigator Supriya Srinivasan of TSRI. It was found that there are certain diets that can increase serotonin signaling in body and in consequence weight is lost. Till now the common view was that such weigh loss was the result of suppression of appetite and reduced food intake. The present study belies that notion and establishes that weight loss can be independent of food intake. This means you can eat more and still lose weight.

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