Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grape seed Guarantees in treating Colon Cancer

A Researcher from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, Dr. Cheah claims, this the 1st ever review expressing that Grape seed can treat various colon related diseases& disorder and bowel cancer tissues, along with this it is also reviewed that oral consumption can effect more ad cause less reactions and uneasiness, which may be faced during chemotherapy session. The study claims the grape seed has no unwanted effects as any other treatment options for colon cancer. A Co-reviewer express , Grape seed is not only an anti-inflammatory for various colon diseases but can also treat as an anti-cancer treatment options, though the initial results belong to tissue culture and the further outcome is yet to be examined thoroughly. "These findings could be a boost to the wine grape industry as it value adds to what is essentially a by-product of the process of winemaking”, mentioned by Reviewer Dr. Sue B.

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