Thursday, February 20, 2014

In Asian Population-Frequent Occurrence of EGFR Mutations Is Found

In occurrence of EGFR mutations some important factors to consider like histology in Adenocarcinoma, none smoking status, Asian traditions and female sex. These factors cause small cell lung cancer and create casual response to the EGFR inhibitors. The study conducted in Asian Population in recent stated that the frequency of occurrence of EGFR mutations in the people who have past records of smoking. These people are suggested to go through mutation test on the regular basis. Asian population has different biological formation of their body than that of people living in other part of world. Patients of EGFR mutations have advanced level of adenocarcinoma lungs. The study done by PIONEER is the very first prospective of this problem, epidemiologic study done for the documentation noted occurrence frequency of EGFR mutations in lungs of population in Asia. The PIONEER study authors discovered that mutations of EGFR were in almost 51.4% of stage IIIB or IV of lungs infection. Asia is seventh region of this world which is highly infected from this problem.

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