Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is there a molecule “buttery” at the back the flare-ups of cystic fibrosis?

According to the recent investigation and study guided by San Diego State Postdoctoral researcher Katrine Whiteson, the molecule which was considered as a link to the injuries of microwave popcorn factory workers play a crucial role in microbial infections of the people suffering with cystic fibrosis. The cystic fibrosis patients feel persistent cough and the production of mucus, interrupted by episodic flare-ups known as exacerbations. Mainly, the damage to the lung tissues, permanent scarring takes place during these exacerbations. In case, if the cystic fibrosis sufferers had some hint of imminent exacerbations, then they would take the earlier treatment to it and be safe from the damaging effect of the lungs. As said by Whiteson, “Unfortunately, right now, there’s really no good way to detect when someone’s about to have an exacerbation.” When these suffering patients have their first visit to a physician, they inhale a vaporized salt to induce deep coughing, producing a sample of mucus.

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