Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mdm2 holds back the tumors by towing the cork on Glycolysis

It is known for a long time that cancer cells have more rates of energy generating metabolic ways which are known as Glycolysis and these enhanced Glycolysis are an occurrence known as Warburg effect and is thought to permit the cancer cells to live in the oxygen lacking situations as they feel themselves in the center of the strong tumors. It is revealed in the study of the journal of Cell Biology about how the damaged cells normally control glycolysis as they close and present the defects in this method and presents that the flaws in this process may support to the initial stages of tumor development. Actually, different stress has the chance to happen cells to stop reproducing and get into inactive state which is known as “senescence” which averts their change into tumor cells. It is said by Kondoh that, “ Mdm2 can clearly, in some cases, act as a tumor suppressor by destabilizing PGAM.”

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