Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New developments in process for better methods at observing diseases using new technologies

Team of scientists at UC, San Francisco are coming together to build imaging modalities which can monitor diseases in a better way. Green and Ward have come together to develop an optical imaging technique which will give a direct access to look into the processes related to neurodegenerative diseases. They are developing a bio-marker which will evaluate through retina via bio-photonic methods. Says Ward, “It’s non-invasive, it’s inexpensive, and it’s rapid.” The research benefits from the Catalyst Awards Program which provides counsel to help develop the framework. Peter Larson is developing enhanced MRI diagnostics using agents that improve visibility within body structures that are metabolically active. He uses carbob-13 contrast agents having unique magnetic properties. These new metabolic contrast agents have multiple potential applications. But Larson is focussed more on prostate cancer and brain tumors. He wants to provide images which will give more accurate staging of the cancerous cells.

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