Monday, February 24, 2014

Over diet of Vitamin E and Selenium may increase the risk of cancer

It was found by the multi center study guided by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that a high dose supplementation with selenium and Vitamin E elements raises the risk of high grade prostate cancer and more importantly, it depends on the man’s selenium type before having the supplements. The report, published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute is completely based on the report searched from the Vitamin E and Selenium cancer Prevention Trail which involves 35,000 men and more than it. The whole study determines about the intake of high vitamin E dose and Selenium and mentions whether its intake protects the men from prostate cancer. The trace that started in 2001 stopped early in 2008 as it found to be not protective from selenium and a suggestion was given that the risk was due to high Vitamin E dose. Its use was stopped, but the men still follow it in every way. According to the Author Alan Kristal, Dr. P.H, a faculty in the Public Health Sciences Division of Fred Hutsch says that: “These supplements are popular, especially vitamin E- although so far no large, well- designed and well- conducted study has shown any benefits for preventing major chronic diseases.”

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