Saturday, February 15, 2014

Regaining your Nervous system even after stroke

A successful approach by Scientific Director at Henry for Neuroscience Institute Dr. Michael C, mentions as even some of the patients gets recovers from the nervous trauma and successfully function their bodily parts, still there are many those are unsuccessful in attempting this, and unfortunately there is no proven treatment for this yet, though it is studied that brain has robust characteristic, and it can regain its strength after trauma also, this robustness is called as Plasticity, a therapy incorporates the tissue plasminogen activator, pass via nasal spray to rewiring and ultimately improves nervous system recovery. A cell known as Exosomes, were recently found to as an supplementary to make connection between nervous tissues with genes regulation. This is achieved through a process of microRNA to promote brain recovery. It is also proved that Exosomes alone can promote nervous system recovery. "This approach may be a revolutionary way to successfully treat stroke and many other diseases,"

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