Sunday, February 16, 2014

Salmonella Hospitalization Increases Due to Antibiotic Resistance

Incidences of salmonella hospitalization have been on the rise because of antibiotic resistance developed in the anatomy of the patients, a recent study report suggests. The quantum of such incidences was as high as 42% of all the patients treated for Salmonella. The investigations suffered a setback due to sudden shut down of the United States Government. However, things looked up when thirty furloughed employees of CDC were back to work on call. According to the spokesman of the CDC, John O’ Connor, the detection of people suffering from the disease due to built up antibiotic resistance in their body was considerably higher than expectations. "The typical hospitalization rate for salmonellosis is around 20 percent," he noted. "Antibiotic resistance, as seen in this outbreak, may be associated with an increased risk of hospitalization or possible treatment failure in infected individuals." While the search for infections causing the disease is on, the current official scenario in United States has created a problem for the investigation. However, CDC people think that the trouble period will be soon over.

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