Sunday, February 16, 2014

Satisfaction of Spine Surgery Patient Is Not Enough for Doctors

As the treating physician you may have taken all care so as to make the spine surgery of your patient convenient and your patient may have expressed hearty satisfaction and you are quite contended. But is that enough? At least Sanya S Godil of Vanderbilt university and research associates conducting study alongside does not think so. For them the patient satisfaction is a poor substitute for the physician concerned. With the patient suffering various complicacies as the after effects of the spine surgery underwent, these elements giving satisfaction to the treating physician turns out to be damp squib. In course of their studies the researchers examined 422 patients that have undergone treatment for degenerative conditions in a single clinic. According to the authors; "It appears from these and other data that satisfaction (as broadly understood) cannot be used as a surrogate for other outcome measures. The apparent disconnect between satisfaction and other outcome metrics, while well-recognized, reinforces the complexity of these interactions. Whether more objective outcomes that are being developed will better correlate with 'satisfaction' remains to be seen."

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