Sunday, February 9, 2014

Secrets About Brain Tumor Revealed

Over hundred scientists from 14 institutions from different locations combined their efforts to find out different abnormalities in brain tumor. In their quest for search of core factors creating such tumors they re-examined the issues relating to gliblastoma and brought out their findings in the October 10th publication of Cell. Professor Lynda of Texas University said "The first paper in 2008 characterized glioblastoma in important new ways and illuminated the path for all TCGA organ studies that have followed.” She further stated that the latest research aimed at finding out the complete characteristics of tumor samples. Over twenty three thousand cases of GBM were found in United States alone during the year 2013. Casualties resulting could be well over 14000 per annum. Usually patients die within 15 months from the time of first diagnosis of the disease. It is expected that the detections of the core factors causing the tumor will help in future treatment of the disease.

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