Thursday, February 20, 2014

Telling Impacts of Light on Cancer Cells

Light has various beneficial impacts but the latest that has been discovered is that it can kill the cancer cells in anatomy. A small protein piece created by scientists of Cardiff University can perform such wonderful job. Called peptide, the tiny piece will remain inactive till it is exposed to light outside but once exposed it will send a death signal to the cancer cells. Uncontrolled and cancerous cell development in human anatomy is often the results of imbalance in the interactions between proteins regulating healthy physical mechanism. Peptide developed by scientists can prevent such development creating a new activation path. This new method devised is called transient photo activation. According to lead author Professor Rudolf Allemann; "Our research demonstrates that we can control cellular processes with light, which has implications for research in biology and medicine, as our tools can be used to understand the inner workings of cells and to work out how to correct misfiring pathways that lead to disease.”

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