Thursday, February 20, 2014

Traces of New Form of Racism Discovered In Scientific Research

The technical and scientific advancements have given rise to the new world of discrimination. This discrimination or racism is different from the previous form of racism in terms of scientific research. These activities have ruined the efforts of decades of removing racism from the society. The form of discrimination is known by the name of Neoracism. This racism is attaining position in the society as well as in scientific research. This made people though once again on this topic that races still exists in the society but in different form. It is different from previous in the terms of biological order, culture and behavior. This terminology was explained by anthropologists who were presenting their view in Chicago at the annual meet of the American Association for the Advancement of Science An associate dean Joseph Graves for research at the University of North said, "Americans continually conflate socially defined and biological conceptions of race," Joseph Graves added. "Neoracism results in part from this confusion."

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