Friday, March 28, 2014

After trauma, new advancements might target who needs help

Getting into hospital and being treated foe a life threatening injury or disease could be really dreadful. Once taken up by the hospital, recovering well and eventually getting discharge does not make all things well. These patients are shattered not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. They need to be motivated. They need encouragement to come out of trauma and get their normal lives back in line. The hospitals usually send such people back without any follow –up. According to a new research it has been found that sending trauma victims to their places without any proper follow-up can turn into problematic situation and can even lead to long-term costly treatment. The co-author, Matthew Price, assistant professor of psychology and expert on anxiety issues including post-traumatic stress disorder explains, “I think for many individuals who have a life-altering experience, lots of things are chaotic and their mental health declines substantially over a gradual period of time and never quite recovers.”

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