Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Air pollution through traffic is a considerable health issue

  • According to the growing body of epidemiologic evidence, pollution through traffic has negative effects on health as it leads to asthma in adults and children. The exhaust of fuel causes lung cancer. Though there is good air quality in Canadian countries, 21,000 people die from air pollution when compared to road accidents. People wish to live in pollution free zones due to more traffic in city areas. This makes you understand that air pollution is the considerable health problem as written by Michael Brauer, School of population and public health. Most of the authors highlight the short and long term options to help people moderate the air pollution problem.
  • Reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emission. 
  • Limit heavy traffic in certain routes or go by cycling. 
  • Use traffic and land planning management 
  •  Encourage policies to reduce traffic in certain areas and support alternative travel behavior in public.
Authors agree that, these evidences can prove successful if charges are imposed as fee on drivers to enter congestion charge zone to reduce traffic. Thus these involvement benefits health and brings improvements in the health of population.

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