Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Antibiotics can lead to serious infections in children

According to a new study published in scientific journal Pediatrics, states that the antibiotics given in doctors’ offices can be lead to serious bacterial infections. Such infections can cause harsh diarrhea in children. Further the researchers found that around 71% of such Clostridium difficile infection cases are common among the American kids lying between the ages of 1 to 17. This is due to the antibiotics prescribed from the doctors’ offices to treat other problems. The study suggests that along with clinics it also parent’s responsibility that they should not ask for high level antibiotics for their kids. Hence, once it found that a kid is allergic to some medicine that should be avoided at all cost. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden explains the situation and assures that, “Improved antibiotic prescribing is critical to protect the health of our nation’s children. When antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly, our children are needlessly put at risk for health problems including C. difficile infection and dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections.”

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