Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arkansas Mom Arrested For Breastfeeding Baby After Drinks

A mother in Arkansas was arrested upon breastfeeding the youngest child after having drinks. Tasha Adams is mother of three and her youngest baby is just six-month-old girl. She has been arrested under the legalities whether she is able to take care of her child. In Tasha's case it is found she was able to take care of her little baby Ann Tasha. She shared to have gone out for dinner in a restaurant and had few drinks. Later she started breastfeeding her baby. Seeing the breastfeeding incidence a server of the restaurant called up police. However, Tasha said she only had two beers. When the cops asked for an explanation of breastfeeding after consuming alcohol, Tasha said she did drink, but it was little. However, police arrested her for endangering the welfare of child. The baby was sent home. Tasha added if she would have been knowing the illegalities about breastfeeding, she would never have committed such mistake. The district attorney dropped the charges against her as it could not be proved she had too many drinks. According to experts, drinking is not healthy for baby. Women who want to enjoy drink usually pump milk in advance and store it. If not, they quit either one. Usually after drinks women need to wait for six hours to breastfeed her baby.

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