Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Can solarium ban help to prevent skin cancer?

Dr Ivanka Prichard a lecturer in Social Health Sciences from Flinders University's have brought forward an interesting question that will the ban on solariums will law actually help to control and reduce the skin cancer rates or this act might lead to more outdoor sun exposure. The researcher is further following to study how solarium users will act after ban. This research will also for the basis of comparison of normal tanning beliefs and the behaviors suffering from tanners and the non-tanners. Researcher further throws the light and explains, “Our previous studies have told us that appearance is a strong motivator for people to tan so we have to question whether people will simply replace solarium use with more time in the sun, which will have little impact on Australia's skin cancer rates. Solarium users will either stop tanning altogether, which is obviously ideal from a public health perspective, turn to fake tanning products, which would also reduce the cancer risk, or increase outdoor sun exposure to maintain their tanned appearance.”

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