Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Common drugs may not be helpful against autoimmune illness

As per a study conducted at Yale, scientists found that the drugs used for dealing with autoimmune diseases can block only one of the two signaling pathways. This in-turn can trigger the excess of one potentially disease that creating type of immune cell population over the other. The researchers unveiled the different roles for signaling paths STAT3 and type I interferon in distinguishing the T helper cells regulating the immune cell response. Further research spoke those T lymphocytes white blood cells that are helpful in controlling immune response can lead to the development of new vaccination treatments for autoimmune diseases. The study is published in the journal Immunity. The lead author Dr. Joseph Craft, the director of the investigative medicine program at Yale School of Medicine explains, “This suggests that both pathways would have to be blocked in human SLE in order not to risk exacerbation of one or the other. Our lab and others are working now on combining therapies to block pathways for both inflammation and antibody production.”

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