Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do Not Take Measles Outbreak Lightly

It is not the normal measles outbreak that is troubling New York people. Lately the Bronx and Manhattan have brought forward 16 cases infected with measles. According to the city Health Department from these 16 cases around seven are adults and nine are children. Four of them were so sever they have to be hospitalized. There is sudden unrest about controlling this sever measles problem. Officials are working with the hospitals make people aware about it. Dr. Jay Varma, deputy health commissioner explains, “Of the cases that have occurred in kids, most of them have been in kids that were too young to be vaccinated. But we’ve also seen two cases that have occurred in people whose parents refused to have their children be vaccinated. If you are a parent and you have a child who is eligible for the measles vaccine, that means they’re at least one year of age or older, you should make sure they get vaccinated immediately.”

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