Saturday, March 15, 2014

E-cigarettes lead to pneumonia in Spanish patient

It is quite strange that Spanish people have tendency to catch pneumonia after consuming E-cigarettes. Recently a patient from Spain was diagnosed pneumonia due to heavy consumption of E-cigarettes. A 50 year old man has been admitted in the northwestern city of A Coruna for all together separate illness and eventually showed lung problem. Along with the initial problem doctors also diagnosed pneumonia and when tested found out that source of problem is regular consumption of E-cigarette. This particular case has raised a big question on the consumption of E-cigarette. It has always been popularized as a safe option to the normal smoking. Now this situation is giving birth to endless doubts regarding the product. In defense, Alejandro Rodriguez, vice-president of the National Electronic Cigarette Association, which represents 500 companies operating in Spain explains, “There is no proof that this illness was linked to use of an electronic cigarette. How many people die every day from smoking? If in the 15 years that e-cigarettes have been around only two people in the world have caught light pneumonia from this product, we should say well done to it.”

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