Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finding levels of various antibiotics present in blood paves

Various innovative and new methods for sharing measurement of the level antibiotic in drug molecules has been developed that are present in human blood serum. These molecules are paving their way to application of drug and personalized and development of medicine. The revision that has been published recently in Nature Nanotechnology is describing the exploitation of a sensor developed for measuring the concentration of effective antibiotics in blood, giving a sign of their competence against bug causing pathogens, for occurrence multidrug resistant infirmary "superbugs". Dr. Ndieyira has stated, "Monitoring the levels of active free drugs in serum can be crucial in honing therapeutic solutions for patients to enhance drug administration. This will be particularly helpful in addressing problems of drugs which have to be used in very precise quantities and where there are large differences in how drugs affect individuals and groups. For example, overuse of antibiotics can fuel resistance to drugs or underuse of anaesthetics may lead to a patient regaining consciousness during an operation."

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