Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food insecurity related to cost related medication

As per a new study published in scientific journal The American Journal of Medicine Chronically suggested that the ill adults who are suffering from food insecurity in their household. They are significantly most probably report to the cost related medication and it’s underuse. Here medication underuse means having less medication than it is prescribed and not able to take due to financial concerns. The scientists also worked on the ethnicity and it was found that the participants both medication underuse and the food insecurity is experienced by Hispanic or non-Hispanic black. The lead scientist, Seth A. Berkowitz, MD, Division of General Internal Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School explain, “The high overall prevalence of food insecurity and cost-related medication underuse highlights how difficult successful chronic disease management in the current social environment is. These findings suggest residual unmet needs for food-insecure participants and thus have clear implications for health policy.”

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