Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Birth Control is Not Related to Risky Sexual Behavior in Women

According to a new research conducted at Washington University of Medicine researched about the contraceptive pills and sexual behavior in females. As per the study it has been found that free birth control contraceptives does not lead to any change in female behavior and attitude about the sex. There is a misconception that contraceptives may change female behavior towards sex. During the study it was also found that around 28 percent of women rely on pills and around 16 percent prefer condom in the United States. The lead researcher, Dr. Gina Secura of the Washington University of Medicine explains, “We didn't see women engage in multiple sex partners after providing them with no-cost contraception. By providing young women with quality medical care and affordable contraception, this doesn't cause them to go wild.” This study proves that free contraceptives are very much safe and does affect the sex life of a woman.

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