Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Genetic cause of children's liver disease discovered

According to a two years research conducted at the scientists at King's College London and King's College Hospital and published in Nature Genetics states that the scientists have discovered a 'faulty gene' in children who are suffering from liver disease. This discovery could help to pave the way for new and better treatments for these children. These kids are surviving under the range of serious and life destroying liver conditions. The studying of cause may lead to finding a better solution of their problem. The lead author, Dr Richard Thompson, a paediatric liver specialist at King's said, “This is extremely exciting. By understanding the disease better, we are a step closer to one day finding a cure. In the short-term, it also makes the disease much easier to diagnose –we have gone from basic science discovery to routine diagnostic testing in less than a year, which is amazing. Crucially, this means we can start logical treatment for the disease sooner.”

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