Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Genome study- Mouth fungi helps in predicting infections

According to a recent research conducted at UConn's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Dental Medicine have identified a new genome-based pattern that could identify a community of fungi that survives in the average healthy person’s mouth and further can be helpful in predicting infections. This research is a big step in dental health. With the help of it, the doctors will be able to identify the upcoming infections beforehand. They will be able to understand it in better way, treat it accordingly and on top of all will be to prevent it. The co-researcher Linda Strausbaugh, professor of molecular and cell biology in CLAS explains, “This is the first study to identify medically-important oral fungi on a large scale. Our study is particularly important because we developed methods to assure the identifications we were making from genomic data were indeed correct. Our long-term goal is to help take a personalized approach to medicine.”

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