Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hypertension ignored in US Hispanic community

According to a new research “Prevalence of hypertension, awareness, treatment and control in the Hispanic Community,” published in American Journal of Hypertension suggests that the Hispanic population of the United States is quite ignorant towards the threats and control of hypertension. The researchers studied around 16,400 people, making it most thorough health studies of the community. The Hispanics is the largest minority group in the US population. The findings show that there is prevalence of hypertension in the community. Also it is almost equal to whites but the community lack awareness and check about it. The study, lead researcher Dr. Paul D. Sorlie of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute explains, “Though the presence of hypertension in the Hispanic community is nearly equal that of non-Hispanic whites, awareness and diagnosis lag significantly behind, particularly in those individuals without health insurance. This study gives us the information needed to support the development of policies that can improve this access and, subsequently, the overall health of countless US citizens.”

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