Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Major 'third-hand smoke' DNA damage and cancer

The third hand smoking also known as the leftover cigarette smoking can lead to shockingly dangerous health issues. This is extremely challenging condition for young kids who playfully put smoked items in their mouths. Third hand smoking basically relates to smoking of used cigarettes hooked up in sofas, walls, or furniture’s. Recently a report proved that ‘third-hand smoke’ can even damage DNA and could potentially lead to cause cancer. The lead researcher, Bo Hang, Ph.D., brought forward the idea of third-hand and evidently showed it could be a big threat to human health. He further explains, “The best argument for instituting a ban on smoking indoors is actually third-hand smoke.” According to the experts the apt solution of this problem is to stop or avoid smoking indoors. In case one has to then the affected items should be removed. The furniture could be cleaned or washed for a safe and healthy environment.

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