Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mentally challenging jobs keep mind sharp even after retirement

Most the jobs are very much related to mental challenges and tensions. It may appear hard for you to deal with in but the good news this mental exercise and stress will definitely benefit even after the retirement. A new study finds that the mentally tough jobs can be very stressful but then in coming times can give important benefits after the retirement. The researchers came to conclusion by analyzing the data collected from 4,182 participants in the U-M Health and Retirement Study. These particular surveys with the representative sample of about more than 20,000 older Americans in every two years. The leading researcher, Gwenith Fisher, a faculty associate at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and assistant professor of psychology at Colorado State University explains, “Based on data spanning 18 years, our study suggests that certain kinds of challenging jobs have the potential to enhance and protect workers' mental functioning in later life. What people do outside of work could also be a factor. "Some people may be very active in hobbies and other activities that are mentally stimulating and demanding, while others are not.”

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