Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New diagnostic treatment for prostate cancer as per the study of cholesterol

A link has been discovered by researchers between the belligerence of prostate cancer and the buildup of a compound that is produced when the cholesterol is metabolized in cells through findings, it brings a new treatment and diagnostic methods. It is also suggested by the researchers that a class of drugs that was previously developed in order to care for atherosclerosis may be repurposed for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. The research also presented the reduction of compound cholesterol ester which considerably reduces the prostate cancer cell proliferation and impairs its capacity to occupy the laboratory tissue culture and suppressed growth of tumor in mice. It is said by Ji-Xin Cheng, a professor in Purdue University Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Chemistry that, “ Our study provides an avenue towards diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer. Moreover, we showed that depleting cholesteryl ester significantly impairs prostate cancer aggressiveness.”

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