Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nicotine does not help pregnant smokers to quit

Smoking is all together a dreadful practice and smoking while pregnancy is not only harmful for the mother but for the innocent child also who have stepped into the world yet. Smoking also increases the risk of adverse pregnancy and loss lead to serious medical issues for the baby. Nicotine replacement therapies were thought of as a helpful option to alter this behavior. This therapy was considered a safer option. But it did not turned out much fruitful. According to a latest study nicotine could not make much difference in the smoking patterns of pregnant women. The authors concluded, “These are disappointing results and should encourage efforts to evaluate new approaches that are both drug and non-drug related,". "In the absence of evidence based drug interventions, behavioural support remains the core intervention to help pregnant smokers to quit. However, a much greater effort is still needed to identify, test, and deliver more effective treatments for pregnant smokers who struggle to quit.”

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