Saturday, March 15, 2014

Obese kids tend to have wrist fractures, complications

As per a new research ‘Childhood Obesity Increases the Risk of Failure in the Treatment of Distal Forearm Fracture’ states that the obese kids have tendency to suffer from distal radius fracture, bone break that too near to the wrist. This might lead to further complications in healing of the fractures. The research concluded that the obese kids have to through more follow-ups that are visiting related to X-rays or other images. Also these kids likely have to suffer from initial, the successful bone repositioning in emergency room. For the research the data related to 157 people suffering from distal radius fractures and received emergency department or surgical treatment were collected. All these patients were treated with the fiberglass casting, and observed till their bone is healed. The statistics related to patient's age, weight, height and also the office visits, surgeries and angle of the fracture were studied and analyzed. Out of them 42 percent of the kids were overweight and exposed to high chances complications.

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