Thursday, March 6, 2014

Post menopausal woman possesses the risk for falls as per the studies

In the March issue of the Journal of Bone and the Joint Surgery, a new study came into view, which explained that women who has distal radius fractures posses the decreased strength when compared to the patients who are free from fractures. Well, this point could be explained the reason about why these women are not likely to get falls and sustain fractures in the future. A variety of strength and balance test was used by the investigators which are joined with complete information provided by the patient about their walking habits in order to analyze the physical performance and the risk to the falls by post menopausal women who has or lack previous wrist fractures. Actually, wrist falls and fractures are considered as the common fractures in aged women and is little known about the risk of such falls in these patients. The reports and study of Hyun Sik Gong, MD, author and Orthopaedic surgeon explained that, “Differences in chair stand test scores and grip strength may imply an early subtle decrease in physical performance level in patients with a distal radial fracture. Further studies are warranted on whether preventive measures such as muscle strengthening exercise would be helpful for preventing future fall events and fractures in patients with previous distal radial fracture.”

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