Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Protein gp41 research might help in designing future vaccinations against HIV

HIV is a big problem in current scenario. Researchers are working on new experiments focusing on ways to find cure for this disease. Recently scientists from the University of Granada have found an allosteric interaction among this particular protein. This forms portion of HIV and also the antibody 2F5 (FAB), a potent virus neutralizer. This is a promising breakthrough that could help the experts to understand the mechanisms for generating the immune responses. This would further help in designing the vaccines against the HIV virus. This study is published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry. The lead author, Francisco Conejero Lara from University of Granada Physical Chemistry lecturer explains, “One of the main aims of current research into HIV vaccines consists of inducing neutralizing antibodies similar to 2F5 via immunization using an appropriate vaccine. To do this, studies into how 2F5 recognises its epitope in gp41 are fundamental, since they can provide the way to designing effective vaccines.”

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