Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Studies reveled that Female doctors usually spend more time as compared to males on household tasks and parenting

As per a study of lead author at Jags, M.D., D.Phil., associate professor of radiation oncology at the University of Michigan Health System "One might expect that within a highly educated Generation X population there would be a relatively even distribution of domestic labor. But what we found was that there still seems to be a difference in the expectations at home for men and women, even for those with very busy jobs, even today,” Researchers have further surveyed those 1,055 people posses a perfect medical degree who had just received career improvement awards from a famous National Institutes of Health. The fact is gaining popularity now days. Majority of all married men physicians with kids, reported operational more than seven hours and spending next fewer hours on domestic and parenting tasks each week as compared to women.

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