Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Study says- Distance to supermarket not linked with diet quality

Previously public health practitioners presumed that if someone is living close to the supermarket they tend to have proper diet and lower obesity. A new study conducted in Seattle the University Of Washington School Of Public Health states that the distance from a supermarket is no way related to the quality of diet. It is more about the person who chooses the place to shop. Further the researchers concluded that the shoppers going to low-cost supermarkets have less fruits and vegetables as compared to those who shop at high-cost supermarkets. Also it is up-to the individual’s choice from economic situation, attitude, culture and living style. The lead author, Anju Aggarwal, a research associate at UW's Center for Obesity Research explains, “Clearly, people tend to bypass a multitude of supermarkets, grocery and ethnic stores near their homes to get to their primary supermarket of choice.” The study is published in The American Journal of Public Health.

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