Thursday, March 13, 2014

Study says- Pfizer vaccine cuts pneumonia in elder

The Pfizer Inc. stated that they have launched big vaccine against pneumonia, for blood and other infections. This vaccine works with the goal for preventing the illness in elders. An elongated study was carried out by the acronym CAPiTA, covered about 85,000 patients that aged above 65. It was found that the study compared participants getting a dummy shot and those who get the vaccine led to decrease in number of cases. As much of 46 percent fewer cases was registered and about 75 percent decrease in pneumococcal disease including bloodstream infections. This is a blessing for the senior citizen and this vaccine can do wonders. In U.S. this vaccine has been approved for kids within six weeks to 17 years old and for adults above the age 50. This will help to control the disease and give a healthier childhood and adulthood. The people are encouraged to take these vaccines.

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