Friday, March 21, 2014

Team research on obinutuzumab for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia

According to a new study published in New England Journal of Medicine states that the Two North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute doctors known for their work in chronic lymphocytic leukemia relies on a German study to develop a new drug therapy for CLL. CLL is one of the forms of blood cancer and is usually found in old people. This particular study was focused on the utilization of obinutuzumab, this is an antibody that helps to bind the protein CD20. Many of CLL start from white blood cells having surfaced with CD20. This new therapy is expected to bring a positive change in treatment of CLL. The co-researcher, Dr. Kanti Rai, MD, Chief of CLL Research and Treatment Program for the health system, North Shore-LIJ's Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, explains, “The researchers' work will encourage future use of obinutuzumab in combination with other drugs and help shape the clinical landscape of CLL in the next decade.”

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