Friday, March 7, 2014

The Links between Domestic abuse and child protection deals with primary care needs

The researchers and experts are observing the method of how the healthcare professionals handle the domestic violence issues and have found that GPs, follow managers and nurses and are not particular about the way to react to the coverage of children to domestic cruelty. In England and wales, every year at least 1.2 million of women and 784,000 men go through the domestic cruelty and abuse and its negative effects on families and children are far reaching. Actually, children’s exposure to domestic cruelty, abuse and violence causes long term behavioral, education and mental health problems. Yet, according to the latest researches, it is presented that the lack of clear training and guidance on the border between child security and domestic violence has led to improbability about the way such issues must be handled. According to professor Gene Feder, Professor of Primary Care at the University of Bristol said that, “ Domestic violence poses a major challenge to public health, social care and health care services, yet it often goes unrecognized by professionals in those sectors. Being exposed to it can have a damaging effect on children, so the role of primary healthcare professionals is vital.”

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