Thursday, March 6, 2014

The researchers found that similarity breed closeness in memory

It was identified by the researchers at New York University that the nature of the brain functions permits us to link time in our memories and their researches appear in the latest journal Neuron, which gives new imminent about the temporal nature of how we keep our recollections and give a track for mentioning the memory associated afflictions. It is said by Lila Davachi, an associate professor in NYU’S Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science and the study’s senior author that, “ Our memories are known to be ‘altered’ versions of reality, and how time is altered has not been well understood.” It is even explained by Davachi that our real experiences are fairly fluid and are not recognized properly and our memories of them are separate in the form of beads and strings. Yet, the reminiscences of the temporal distance between these events are different in our memories which sometimes are placed together and are spaced apart. It is not cleared about why we place few memories closer in time like we do about others.

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