Thursday, March 6, 2014

World Health Organization – Five percent of calories are from sugar

According to the new draft guidelines published on Wednesday, It is said by WHO that your everyday intake of sugar must be only 5%, in your complete calories and half of what the company recommends in an actual way. After reviewing about 9,000 reports, World Health Organization experts said that reducing the intake of sugar to the mentioned level will fight with cavities and obesity. And that contains the sugar added to the foods and those available in syrups, honey and fruit juices and not the one which is found in the fruits. Dr. Francesco Branca, World Health Organization Director for Nutrition said that, “ we should aim for 5 percent if we can…… but 10 percent is more realistic.” Actually, American and other people in the west side consume lots of sugary foods and their average sugar consume needs to be reduced to 2/3rd in order to meet the suggested limit of WHO.

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